Formatconverter Pro

Are you looking for an all-round converter for your media collection? If you are, we recommend Format Converter 5 Pro for music and video. Format Converter 5 offers you greater freedom of movement with your audio CDs, talking books, songs and even video soundtracks.

Converts music and movies completely effortlessly;
Wide support for almost all audio and video source formats, including MTS, AVCHD, MKV and MOV;
Comprehensive video profile list with a huge format bandwidth for creating movies;
Supports video output to such formats as MP4, MPG, AVI, DivX, Xvid, H.264 and more;
Supports audio output to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC and FLAC;
Creates videos and music files of higher than average quality for long-term archiving or quick enjoyment now and then;
Quick start function with expert mode;
Instantly comprehensible user interface.
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